about wendi


I am a bold, passionate, brand creative specialist with four decades of advertising, branding, and production experience. I have honed my wide-ranging skill set to do what I love the most: help people express themselves and create a digital presence that matches who they really are and what gifts they have to offer.

Career Highlights


  • Youngest Vice-President in Ogilvy & Mather Advertising history.
  • Freelance advertising producer for top agencies in San Francisco
  • Co-Owner, Heart at Work Productions
  • Managing Director, Life Balance Institute
  • Line Producer, Expert Interviews, Jennifer Siebel Newsom: The Mask You Live In
  • Founder, Chief Visionary Officer, KindnessEvolution

LinkedIn Profile

Connect with all the amazing beauty you are and have that be reflected in all that you do.

We are all collages representing the different parts of our personal and professional experiences. Taken alone, they may seem like disparate pieces that don’t really fit together. But assembled with insight, instinct, vision, and heart, our business and personal presence can become a work of art.  It’s time to showcase your masterpiece.

Beauty in wreckage: A flood in my art studio soaked an entire stack of collages, into one soiled piece of paper. It was wet and moldy, and I brought it out to the curb to be thrown away.   And then, as I began to look more closely, what I saw was complete beauty.  These images could not be art-directed any better.

We are all flawed, and we all have so much beauty.  


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