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Brand Presence

This is a perfect window of opportunity to re-evaluate that persona and make intentional choices about how you want to define or redefine yourself. Utilizing a highly focused system of conversation and exploration, we will synthesize the information and data you provide. At times we find that focus, priorities, and actions may be in misalignment with our values and how we present ourselves publicly.

Brene Brown says, “Practicing authenticity requires courage and a willingness to be uncomfortable and vulnerable.

Branded Content that Reflects


Your individual experience, wisdom, personality, and skills are what differentiate you from everyone else. I will assist you to offer insights, ideas and stories to more boldly and effectively showcase you and your brand. There is only one you in this entire world and that’s what you’re selling!

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Challenge: “COVID has hit and I need a online digital presence”, said Michael Allosso, award-winning self-awareness specialist.

Project: Distill 30-year public speaking career to create a brand and a digital presence that matches who he is and what he offers.

Results: Create buckets of inspirational branded content across all platforms, constantly expanding the ways Michael’s teachings are received and shared. Newsletter open rates average 37%. Currently, strategic lead for the growth of his brand.

NOTE: Michael was my 8th-grade drama teacher and is one of the most influential people in my life. Michael’s super objective in life is that everyone leaves better for having spent time with him. He succeeds on this mission daily. It has been my joy and pleasure to create a presence that matches who he is.

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Challenge: Body of 9: Innate personality and physical identification system asks, “How can we move from serving a very niche audience to reaching a wider and more aligned community.”

Project: Develop extensive video assets to build out content library. Organize existing materials and create new content to educate and grow interest.

Results: Director of Production for an online subscription channel with six series encompassing over 100 episodes. Created stories for social media, testimonial campaigns and teaching tools while developing an extensive video content library.

NOTE: Martin and Susan are the founders of The Body of 9. I am continually inspired by their commitment to people’s innate full potential There are 9 natural numbers in this system and I’m thrilled to be a Natural Number 2!

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Challenges For My Clients: How to tell my brand story?  How to distill twenty years of a learning system into a launch video? How to synthesize the experience of a retreat into a powerful representation of the experience?

Project:  Purpose-driven stories

Results: With a focused eye on what you want your audience to think/feel/do, we craft brand stories that further your mission and inspire people to care enough to find out more or purchase.

NOTE: Thank you to all my clients who have given me the opportunity to collaborate, create and make a REAL difference.

Thought Leaders

You have wisdom and experience to share. People who Like or Comment on what you have to say are your PEOPLE. Whether or not they know it yet, they’re on your team. Under your guidance, with a focused action campaign, they’ll be motivated to work together to move the ball towards the goal(s) established. There is strength in numbers and they’re looking for you to lead.

Find something that you are passionate about in making a difference and you’ll find a waiting kinship of people willing to unite for the cause. ― Wes Adamson

It’s time to be


People are looking for YOU! Thought leaders have experience and strong points of view, and they educate, inform, and inspire others. Thought Action Leaders take engagement to the next level. Our work together provides you with the resources and opportunities you need to make an even bigger impact as you guide people to be in action and create change.

Thought Leaders

“Life is in the Comments” is a term I’ve coined that takes the digital pulse of an important issue, thought or idea. You want to really know what your community cares about? Take a stroll through the comments and keep on scrolling. Now, let’s launch an action campaign to take them from comments to catalysts for the change YOU envision. These are important pillars we include in every launch:

Leadership Impact
Challenge: “I have a lot to share and I know I can make more of a difference.”

Project: Leadership Video Series: Phase One of the video series captures your offerings, leadership style, core values, foundational beliefs, and anything else you are passionate about. Phase Two of the video series introduces your new campaign and highlights the call to action.

Results: Make people feel like they know you. After transcribing the videos, you garner content that can be repurposed for website, LinkedIn profile, LinkedIn posts, newsletters, articles.

Challenge: “How do we collaborate for greater good?”

Project: 2018 KindnessCollective. Creator and Producer of event which gathered 26 kindness leaders for a weekend conference to explore a new paradigm of collaboration.

Results: Community, Learning, Inspiration. For five years, eight organizations launched the same an Anti-Bullying campaign structured with cohesive messaging, precise calls to action, cross promotion and increased reach and impact. Side benefit: We felt like we weren’t alone in this mission.

Catalysts for Change
Challenge: “I am completely under-resourced AND I want to make more of a difference”

Project: Win-Win Internship Program

Results: In addition to activating your busy community, we turn to the young people to contribute to the success of your campaign. I find you a pool of awesome folks who are there to learn and make a difference. They become the megaphone. The program tracks both the learning and contributions.

3rd Chapter

Ready or not…here you are. You have a lot of wisdom and experiences to share.​ What are you waiting for? Take a stand for who you are and what you offer and let the world know. This is the perfect time for you to step up and be seen.

What is Your


How do you take all your life experience and cull it down to what is most authentic and powerful for you to share?  How do you incorporate things that are important to you but seem incongruent with your presence? How do you even know where to begin?  It is my honor and pleasure to guide you on this journey of discovery. RISE, ROAR, RUMBLE!


In just 15 minutes, you’ll gain a new sense of what’s possible. That’s all it takes to start updating and refreshing your digital presence.